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Express Trailers Engineering Ltd. Is one of the latest ventures of Express Trailers. It is the result of 15 years of professional collaboration with the world leader in proprietary side-loaders Hammar Maskin, a Swedish company that produces proprietary side-loading equipment for trailers.

The setting up of Express Trailers Engineering Ltd takes Express Trailers back to its roots when its eight founding brothers, started building the company with their own hands through their ‘can do’ attitude, their talent and propensity for mechanics and engineering and their sense of resourcefulness.

It is this talent and resourcefulness that eventually led Hammar to nominate Express Trailers Engineering as its authorized partner in the Southern European region and the only recognised and accredited Hammar equipment re-builder in the world, recognised for its highest engineering and tradesmanship quality standards.

Hammar’s side-loaders are made of high tensile and lightweight steel that gives a huge advantage to all logistics operators handling containers single-handedly, be it cargo, mobile offices for construction and other sites as well as military mobile barracks and hospitals.