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    • Safe and ergonomic
    • High-rugged performance
    • Clean and environmentally friend
    • Economical and efficient
    • Economical and efficient

    Experience Unmatched Material Handling Excellence with CLARK Forklifts

    Unlock unparalleled efficiency in material handling with CLARK Forklifts and Warehouse Equipment, your premier ally for groundbreaking solutions. Whether you’re scouting dependable forklifts for lease or aiming to elevate your operations with state-of-the-art machinery, trust CLARK to deliver.

    Dive into our expansive array of products featuring forklifts boasting capacities spanning from 1.5 to 18.0 tons FOR HIRE or FOR SALE. Take your pick from our lineup, which includes LPG, gasoline, dual fuel, diesel, full electric, and powered hand trucks.

    CLARK Forklifts epitomize adaptability and prowess, customized to address your diverse material handling requisites.

    Clark Electric Forklifts GEXseries

    Quite and non-polluting operation alternative to internal combustion engine trucks.

    Clark Electric Forklifts GTXseries

    Highly compact, easy to manoeuvre and extremely reliable.

    Clark electric forklift GTX specs

    CLARK Electric Forklifts

    Our resilient electric counterbalanced trucks, engineered for handling capacities ranging from 2.0 to 3.2 tons, stand as a testament to reliability. Crafted with a sturdy “built to endure” construction and a meticulously designed driver compartment, the Clark electric forklift series ensures smart and secure operations even during extended durations.


    • Very good floor clearance
    • Eco-friendly and quiet electric motors
    • Hydraulically damped lift cylinders
    • Robust upright and fork carriage structure
    • Automotive pedal layout
    • Easy entry due to low footstep
    • Easy maintenance

    CLARK diesel and LPG Forklifts

    Irrespective of the challenges posed by your applications, your forklift trucks ought to not only be dependable but also offer unparalleled advantages in terms of productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency. Enter the CLARK Diesel and LPG S-Series, meticulously crafted to seamlessly align with your requirements.

    Boasting a robust ergonomic design, this series promises reliable and potent performance while maintaining minimal operating and maintenance expenses. The S-Series serves as a savvy solution for your material handling demands, promising to ignite inspiration. In essence, this series encapsulates the ethos of being SMART, STRONG, and SAFE.


    • Smart display with fuel-efficiency truck management options
    • Automatic parking brake and roll-back protection
    • Optimised step height for easy entry and exit
    • Minimal vibration and noise generation
    • Responsive hydraulic lever hood mounted within easy reach

    Clark Diesel Forklifts S-Series


    Clark LPG Forklifts S-Series


    CLARK hand pallet truck

    The CLARK hand pallet truck - simply strong


    The CLARK HPT CPJ25 - simply strong!

    CLARK HPT CPJ25 specs

    Clark hand pallet truck Warehouse Equipment

    In addition to our stellar forklift offerings, CLARK presents the HPT CPJ25, another stalwart hand pallet truck engineered for industrial and trade applications. The CLARK HPT CPJ exhibits robustness, serviceability, and user-friendliness. With its sturdy steel construction and an array of caster options, it remains versatile across various flooring conditions.

    Durable and robust

    • The robust frame is powder-coated and guarantees a long life
    • Overpressure valve to protect against overloading
    • Robust adjustable push rod to compensate for height differences of the forks
    • Solid construction of the pressure bars


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